Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Camp 3 is in our sights tomorrow and Lhotse fixing plan.

WE ARE CLIMBING - Camp 3 is in our sights and Lhotse fixing plan.. The team will be up at 04:00 tomorrow morning, same drill, woken with coffee in their tents, grab some breakfast and strap on their crampons. Here's the currently climbing schedule Tim just discussed with me. The 3G signal is not around tonight so we reverted back to the using the Satellite phone.

The Plan:

April 25: Camp 1 - second round, sleep here
April 26: Camp 2 - second round, except this time they will sleep here.
April 27: Camp 3 - tag and retreat to Camp 2 or 1.
April 28: EBC
Mountain: Two teams of 8 climbing Sherpas and 2 western climbers, Conrad Anker and Willy Benegas, they will all head out tomorrow to fix the Lhotse face with rope, one up rope and one down rope. Then if weather permits they will regroup and fix to the South Col on the 28th, then work up to the summit on around May 2nd or 3rd and fixing to the summit on the 5th of May at which will be the first news of summits.

Weather: The normal mix that we typically get with light snow in the valley and the jet stream wavering in and out above Everest.

Photo upload tomorrow showing life at camp and on the mountain. Over and out..... Becky

Nelson's new video is up.... Climbing C1 to C2... PEAK FREAKS- check it out!

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