Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Death On Everest 2012- Sherpa climber dies from AMS at base camp

April 19, 21:00hrs (NP) Experienced Sherpa guide dies at Everest base camp. (story) son of legendary Ang Rita Sherpa. This is hard to understand but we've seen it a few times before where climbers with multiple summits and even climbers who previously climbed Everest without oxygen return to altitude to be totally caught off guard and turned back with symptoms of AMS. The human bodies hemoglobin (blood makeup) does change in the body, it's not always the same throughout your lifetime so it's a good reminder climbers who frequent high altitude to be on your toes, stay in tune with your body and don't take anything for granted. We all feel horrible about this news and our prayers go out to Karsang Namgal's family during this very difficult time. It's a very sad day.

Peak Freaks is back at base camp and in fine form. Tomorrow will be showers, laundry and shaving. The team will be kicking back and start to focus on the next step of climbing this mountain. The team will rest for four days and weather pending head up to Camp 2 on April 24th. They had a good look around at looming seracs and deep crevasses while there. There's some tweaking to do already which happens once the mountain guides get in there and do some safety assessments.

We are expecting to have the route fixed up the Lhotse Face on April 26th. If this works out and our team gets to C2 on schedule Peak Freaks team will be tagging Camp 3 around April 28th.

Over and out.... Tim - Peak Freaks

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