Friday, April 20, 2012

Showers, laundry, talk politics and time to check in with loved ones at home.

Yawn... relaxing day at camp for the team. A time to sleep in,

late breakfast, showers, laundry, visiting, airing out toes and napping the afternoon away. We enjoyed some good social time talking politics, family and life in general. Politics are always key topics here at camp, very interesting time to share thoughts and ideas with our international clientele on how we can all change the world.

Tomorrow's dinner guest will be Conrad Anker and he will sponsor the evening movie. The team is really looking forward to meeting him and hearing his stories. Tonight we watched Tin Tin, everyone seemed to get into it, good adventure.

The Climb: We are in rest mode for the next couple of days, we plan to move up on the mountain again on the 24th which should have us climbing in behind and below the high winds that are in the forecast and hopefully get up to Camp 2 and tag Camp 3. We are a few days ahead of our schedule the last 2 years which makes me happy. Get in and get out before the ice fall starts to breakup.

The weather as it always does when playing in the mountains dictates our movement. Our Sherpas are strong and healthy and so is the rest of our Peak Freak team, the only thing holding us back will be weather, we'll have to work with what we get, it's always a fine balance. According to the log books it's been holding about 3 degrees warmer this year, I can feel it too. Typically early season the nights are pretty chilly but Becky reminded me today that I haven't made such comments on that topic this season, it definitely feels warmer.

What's next? Some of the members will be taking a walk down to the village of Gorak Shep about one hour down the valley to get in some Face and Skype time. The 3G at base camp works good but it does have congestion problems during peak periods.

Over and out till tomorrow... Tim

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