Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peak Freaks tagged Camp 2, Expedition Leaders meeting success!

April 18, 21:00hrs (NP) Camp 2 (tick) been there done that. Everyone tagged C2 and are now sleeping at C1 and will be back down at around 12:00pm tomorrow. Snow looks like it's on it's way, some ominous cloud formations over Everest right now. Our team will ready when all looks good to move up and sleep at Camp 2 and possibly tag C3 if the rope gets fixed up the Lhotse face on hopeful schedule on or around April 22nd or 23rd. 
EXPEDITION LEADERS MEETING TODAY: Who is doing what this season has been established with getting the mountain fixed with rope for safe massage. Recommendations and approach to how best to use manpower to get the route fixed was ironed out and agreed on by all. If all works to plan and the weather works with us we could be fixing the route the summit around May 5th to the 7th. This would be inline with the same dates we've been working with the last couple of years. 
There's still more to discuss so we'll move on over to the Indian's camp tomorrow to complete more discussion. There are still a lot of teams just now pulling into camp and getting organized so this will give them the opportunity to get involved as well. The climbing season on Everest doesn't end till May 31st and if the temperatures rise too high towards later May it gets a bit risky climbing in the ice fall, so early is better than later. Thankfully our team is all staying healthy so far, no bugs at Peak Freaks.  
The end of the meeting got a little funny for some of us that hung around in Russ's tent tonight. There's a few of us that have been doing this for 20 years or so, we have a lot to talk and laugh about, these are always special occasions. My career on Everest started when working with Russ back in the very early nineties, same time he was starting out, no one was making money doing this it was purely just a passion to climb Everest that eventually ended up as jobs for all of us. I took a slower entry into the commercial side of things as I have a family but we managed to raise kids, now grandkids and I'm blessed to still have this awesome occupation and a dream that was fulfilled and is still alive today.
So now it's starting to get dark and we thought we'd better get ourselves back to our camps while we still can :)... Dave Hahn, Mark Tucker, Conrad Anker and myself had a good laugh at ourselves trying to tackle that feat, phew! Those who know any of us I will just leave that to your imagination and those who don't us, I'll still leave that to your imagination. Over and out.... Tim

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