Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TEAM AT C1- Meet Travis McPhee

Team at Camp 1- Everyone is tucked in and I'm back at EBC after a day of chores and organizing equipment for carries by our Sherpa teams.

Phu Tashi Sherpa is working on the Lhotse fixing team and we will have two other Sherpas working on either the Everest summit fixing team or the Lhotse summit fixing, names TBA.

There's quite of bit of social going on around base camp these days, dinner parties, birthdays and so on. I manage to get some photos organized to post to Facebook, met with a couple expedition leaders talking logistics and just catching up. I had dinner tonight with fellow Canadian and long time friend Gabriel Filippi and his team while our team is being entertained by Marty and Joshua at Camp 1 at which they all did pretty good in moving up today.


: It's not going to be calm up there, we are showing wind lofting in and out and just how it will impact Camp 2 we're not too sure yet. This will be a little taste for the team if it picks up on what to expect the higher they go. Right now it's completely calm and the stars are out. Photo: Some of our Sherpa team members resting in their dinning tent.

Travis McPhee is now wearing the Peak Freak SPOT tracker but umm, I think he forgot to turn it on, do'h!... radio call in the morning we'll fix that up. Andreas and Ben are on track.

Travis set a goal to summit Mount Everest while raising money for charity. Choosing the right charity was very important to him, and after careful consideration, he decided on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area. "We all have mentors in our lives, and I have several in my live today", says Travis. "BBBS really resonates with me, and I feel motivated and inspired to attempt this climb not just for myself, but also on their behalf as well", he adds.

"I can't pin point the exact moment that I realized I want to climb Mount Everest but I was young- maybe early teens. I remember flipping the pages of National Geographic and looking at these epic pictures of the Himalayas, I was in awe at the raw beauty of the peaks. I would read the stories of men who climbed Everest and I admired them for following their hearts and making their dreams a reality. I too wanted to be one of these men, but at the time it wasn't clear on how this would be possible — I was a ski racer, not a climber."

That's two ski racers on Peak Freaks team this year, Andreas Breitfuss from Australia is the other. It's interesting to see the make-up of teams year after year. We have two bankers as well, John Stephens- (Canada) and George Andreou- (Cyprus).

To learn more about Travis and to donate to the Big brother and Big Sisters of Calgary, here is a link to his website. Travis McPhee

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