Friday, April 27, 2012

Everest AVALANCHE update

At about 9:30am I was alerted when I could hear a bunch of Sherpas yelling up on the mountain, at first when I looked up I couldn't see anything then a monster cloud came barreling down the slope towards base camp. The avalanche came off the north side of Nuptse in to the Western Cwm towards Camp 1.

I made contact with Peak Freaks lead guide this year Marty Schmidt who was up at Camp 2 about the situation and he bolted down to Camp 1 to see if anyone needed help. Hugo Searle was in the area and was slightly buried and his camp cook was thrown about 150 meters into a crevasse by the force of the wind from the avalanche. The Sherpa cook was rescued from the crevasse and flown out by helicopter, he's ok.

Meanwhile, the Peak Freaks team had a really nice day at Camp 2 today. It was quite enjoyable, moderate to low wind and not too hot. The big winds are still up high but not at Camp 2. Because of that just to make it more enjoyable going up to Camp 3 they will rest one more day tomorrow at Camp 2 before heading up to C3. The winds are looking even better the morning of the 29th so that's what we'll do.
Over and out ..... Tim

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