Saturday, April 21, 2012

"The most difficult day of my life"

"It's the most difficult day of my life" is what Tim said to me just now on the phone. Guiding in extreme mountain environments since 1982, Tim has never found himself in the position he was in today – having to call a wife at home to tell her that her husband won't be coming home. Tim assured me on every parting, throughout his guiding career, that I would never get that call. I have to dig deep inside to find peace with those promises, to cope and trust Tim is everything he says he is and will do everything to prevent a tragedy –just as 30 year old Namgya Tshering Sherpa's wife does season after season, with her husband working as a mountain guide in their Himalayan kingdom. Here is a press release on the incident that has been authorized by the Ministry of Tourism Nepal: Namgya's body has been retrieved from the crevasse by climbers who were in the area at the time. A high altitude helicopter lone-line retrieval has been organized to take place just as soon as it's possible. The Peak Freaks team spirit has definitely been affected by this. Namgya has been working with us for five years now and has multiple Everest and other Himalayan summit credits to his name. He will be missed dearly by all who know him. Becky Rippel

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