Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peak Freaks at Camp 1, Camp 2 tomorrow, we are climbing!

April 17, 21:00hrs (NP) Team at Camp 1- Camp 2 (7500m -24500ft) tomorrow... We are moving along at a good pace and everyone is feeling great! Today I took a jaunt down to Gorak Shep and got onto Skype with the grandkids. Tshering Sherpa, his son and a few porter boys in the room were quite intrigued with the opportunity to meet the kids at home, good fun.  
Leaders Meeting: On my way back I stopped in to have a chat with Russell and set a date for the expedition leaders meeting. We've decided to get the ball rolling tomorrow to discuss rope and manpower for fixing the rest of the route to the summit. On my way back to camp I stopped into all the camps to spread the word. There 30 expeditions here this year.
While I'm meeting with the leaders our team will be climbing up to Camp 2, they will hang out and rest at the new altitude before retreating to Camp 1 to sleep. So far everyone is remaining very healthy on the team and Marty and Joshua are all over camp 1 tonight making sure everyone is well hydrated and comfortable. 
Lots of photos being uploaded to Facebook, Everest3D mapping launched and Nelson Dellis provides us a new video...Part III.. through the ice fall to Camp 1. We're happening!! You will note that the ice fall is much tamer than that of the previous video we linked. It was likely footage from 2008 from how I recall it looked that season. We're happening.. over and out .. Tim
Photo: Team heading out this morning to Camp 1. 

April 16, 21:00hrs (NP) First up.. Camp 1 tomorrow- On the rope at 05:00hrs, breakfast at 04:30, coffee delivered to tents at 04:00hrs It's time to climb!  
While the team makes their way up to Camp 1 tomorrow for the night with Marty, Joshua and our other Sherpa leaders, I'll be hoofing it around camp checking in with the other expeditions leaders to see when might be a good time to start rope talks for fixing the rest of the mountain above Camp 2 to the summit. 
The weather today was fabulous, it had that spring feeling warmed by the daytime sun. It was a day where we could wander around camp without feeling chilled and without the down on. We still warm our feet at night with hot water bottles and wear down jackets when the sun goes down. We also have the propane heater in the dining tent so it's comfortable and it will only get warmer as the days go by. 
We are in quarantine control right now. Ang Karsung informed us that there is some intestinal and possibly a strep throat virus circulating around base camps. We are all healthy and strong so he felt it's prudent to inform our Sherpa staff to stay clear and not to mingle with their buddies. We are pretty much keeping to ourselves as well. Everyone is enjoying each others company this season as always, so we'll just sit tight and keep the movies rolling on down nights. Next showing, my pick... "Snakes on the Plane" and "BG's Pool Party" :)     
I wanted to introduce Mark Hughes, though he has a South African passport he was also born in Cyprus, George Andreou travels with a British passport and is also born in Cyprus. It's hopeful that they will both be firsts for Cyprus in 2012 to stand on the summit. 
We are now uploaded on Everest3D online mapping, click the logo in the "tools to follow" top of this page throughout the expedition. Our Spot Trackers have been integrated with Everest3D software. You'll need to download the driver software, it's easy and fun way to follow. 
 Stay tuned tomorrow for news on how the team is doing at Camp 1 and how the ice fall looks from within. Over and out.... Tim
Trekker photos and celebrations just uploaded on Facebook..

April 15, 22:00hrs (NP) BUGS!!! ....... I'm killing myself reliving what went on in our movie tent tonight. So this is how we work movie night. Each person gets a night to pick, they select 4 movies from the bucket and then the movies are passed around and are voted on. It was John's night and the movie voted for was THE THAW, it's about a research expedition to the Arctic discovers that a melting polar ice cap has released a deadly prehistoric parasite. I've seen this show before so just before a freaky scene of bugs, I jumped from my chair and started screaming "BUGS!!!!!!!" hitting myself and stomping the floor, the crowd went crazy, and I mean crazy!!! The people in the show were screaming and the entire team including a few of our Sherpa boys who joined us this evening all screaming at the same time, everyone went hysterical screaming like bunch of (?) I won't say it but hopefully you got the picture. I'm sure all the other expeditions here on the glacier heard us and are now wondering what the heck? We'll probably get a lot of visitors tomorrow. I also wonder if anyone will be able to sleep tonight on the ground.. hee hee..
My new guitar strings arrived by trail mail today and a big congratulations out to Victor and Carl for a successful summit on Island Peak on the morning of Friday the 13th..... they are now in Namche Bazaar enjoying life there.  
Over and out.... Tim..

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