Monday, May 7, 2012

Climbing! ropes are in to the South Col- C4

I had a busy day today while our team members are getting home sick for base camp in Pheriche. I told them it's ok- they can come home now if they want.

Things are looking good up on the mountain so I was all over base camp today with Greg Vernovage from IMG trying to get Sherpa staff organized to get the rest of this climb underway. The new route to Camp 3 seems to be working out with no rock fall and the route to the South Col from there is straightforward and considered normal conditions.

What's next? We are looking to have 10 climbing Sherpas plus their oxygen supplements for fixing the route to the summit, at current we have two from each of the following teams; Peak Freaks, Adventure Consultants, Alpine Ascents and IMG, we are hoping to find two more from other teams who are here to make a complete team to get the job done, at the end of the day we are left still looking.

We have a pretty good weather window right now to push through to the summit but we are expecting extreme high winds to move in as yearly as the 12th and backing off around the 17th. Our Sherpas are stoked and want to give it their best shot as well as all of our team members.

Though our weather insight does not go too far in advance, it's hopeful it will follow the norm and if so, we may start getting some summits starting around the 20th or 21st.

Team Peak Freaks is biting at the bit and wanting to get back to camp. Pheriche is starting to fill up now with members from the other teams coming down for their pre-summit push rest so our team will turn the disco floor over to them. Over and out..... Tim

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