Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Get the _ _ _ _ out of there"

May 20: 21:00hrs (NP) Just like the above video says... "Get the - - - - out of there!".... they were reminded by Tim's haunt. Tim said it was hard for Team #1 to pull themselves out of their tents this morning at the South Col considering their bodies are trashed and trying to recover after their successful summit and down climb. Marty Schmidt knows better though, this is certainly not new to him - he gets the ball rolling. 

At this point on a Everest bid resting at the Col they're warm and cozy in their sleeping bag, the sun is starting to warm the tent and all they want to do is sleep. The thought of having to get it together enough to unzip the tent and crawl out into 30+ kilometer winds at 7906 m (25938 ft) and -38c temperatures is a true test of will power. If a climber doesn't have oxygen to sleep on here they can become hypoxic and can't think clearly, this could be the end for an inexperience or unprepared climber. This is why the summit is always referred to as only being halfway of climbing this mountain.

Team # 1 is joined by Team #2 now down safe and sound and tucked into Camp 2 for the night. Becky

May 20: 10:30hrs (NP) Marty checks in from the South Col... I just got off the phone with Marty at the South Col, the wind sounds fierce up there and he confirmed that it certainly was. I could here the screams of wind and tent nylon over the phone. They have been waiting to get more sun on them and are packing up to head down to Camp 2 now. Team #2 will be there to greet them...... It sure was good to hear his voice... Becky

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