Friday, May 18, 2012

Hillary Step in our sights.. eye in the sky


Hillary Step is at 8760m and on a good day from here it will take about 45 minutes to the summit.

Team # 1 - Marty Schmidt, George Andreou, Andreas Breitfuss, Tashi Tundu Sherpa, Sange Phuru Sherpa and Chhring Namgel.

Team # 2 - Joshua Jarrin, John Stephen, Stephen Neil, Ben Darlington, Mark Hughes, Chris Cameron and Sherpa guide names TBA.

A team of Sherpas will remain at the South Col to intercept Team #1 on their way down and be there in the event of an emergency. All is good and everyone is doing really well.


Through SPOT, 3G and mountain radios Tim and I believe we have some of the best communications going down right now on Everest. There is a black out zone between the South Col and the South Summit where base camp can't communicate with the climbers, we call it the black hole. During this time I am able to read the topographical elevations of Andreas's GPS track and Tim can visualize their location and pace from that. We've got Sherpas at all camps on radios monitoring movement on the mountain, things like how many climbers on the ropes, speed of travel, weather and incidents. Marty and team should be reaching the south summit anytime now and then we can get his report on the pending wind reports.

Right now they are at 8600m, just below the South Summit of 8700m.


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