Friday, May 11, 2012

Everest powered by the Oyster Revolution

Peak Freaks powered by pacific oysters:. Our hometown "OYSTER MAN" Brent, provider for Nelson B.C. loads up his truck and hits the pavement for the 12 hour delivery bringing us these succulent canned and fresh treats to our in land mountain community in Canada. We are now taking them even further. We believe climbers can truly benefit from the oils, vitamins and minerals that are packed into these little light weight tins. Check out his website and learn about the oyster revolution.

The team is all doing great, we aren't wasting any steps that everyone has been taking to stay strong and healthy throughout this expedition. So while doing the waiting thing we took a big hike today to Mount Pumori's advanced camp on the standard route. Tomorrow we rest and then get out for another go at something else while we wait out the winds that should hover over the summit for the next couple of days.

BG picked the movie tonight- "Nurse Betty", the commentary afterwards that comes from the team members is for my personal enjoyment and that's the reason I keep this DVD around, Marty wants to scratch it so he never has to go through this again.

We are ready to climb just waiting for the fixing to the summit to allow safe passage for all.

Tim Rippel - Peak Freaks

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