Monday, May 21, 2012

Gearing up, round two

May 21: 21:00hrs (NP) Gearing up, round two: Team #1 is now at base camp celebrating a successful summit bid and in fine form. Team #2 is experiencing the jitters tonight at Camp 2 as they try to get some sleep in preparation for their next move. The plan is for them to push up to Camp 3 tomorrow and get into position for their crack at it. Now more serious than ever before we try to get an idea of who is going when and that the weather reports continue to maintain what we are given showing a good window in the days to come.

Tashi Sherpa stayed at Camp 2 and will go up once again to man radio communications from the South Col. Mingmar and Jangbu Sherpa our other two men made of titanium lead Sherpa guides are in the group, our lead by Mountain Guide Joshua Jarrin will be transmitting SPOT signals this time around.

Get ready for another exciting ride. Over and out .. Tim Rippel

Peak Freak Expedition Inc.

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