Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fixing Team leaving to the summit in 2 hours!

Our Sherpa guides did amazing work today up on the mountain. Camp 3 tents are erected and stocked with oxygen and provisions, Camp 4 the South Col is stocked up and ready for tents to erected once the team starts to move up but not before in the event of unexpected wind. We certainly don't see any concerns in the reports we're getting. The window seems to be widening nicely.

The fixing team will be leaving the South Col in about two hours from now to fix the route to the summit. WE ARE HAPPENING!!!!

Crunchy is caught up and is in the groove with the team. Marty spoke to me again on his day getting around C2 firming up everyone's agreements on when to climb to avoid crowds and he's happy with the responses and willingness. This is fantastic!

Over and out.... Tim

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