Thursday, May 24, 2012

Final Summit Push underway

Final Summit Push underway for Team #2

I'm happy to report that everyone on our final summit push team left the South Col at 07:00hrs getting out the door nice and early because they are all well rested it was an easy task, they appear to be moving along really well according to SPOTS last signal. However, SPOT for both Ben and Joshua seem to acting up at the moment. We'll see if they can get it back in track. Andreas had a good thing going to deal with cold batteries in the last push. Since it has to be on the outside of your suit Andreas activated a hand warmer and attached it to SPOT and it did the trick.

In our group this morning we have 5 members and 1 Western Mountain Guide. Each member has a personal Climbing Guide Sherpa (6) and we have (4) Sherpas carrying extra oxygen and (2) positioned at the South Col and (7) more coming up to be in position at the South Col in the event of a rescue, some will go up to retrieve our spent oxygen bottles and to help on the return leg of this journey and to bring down all our equipment off the mountain when we are done.

The weather is probably the best it can be, our information is showing 5k winds but the climbers say it feels completely calm. This window of opportunity is wide open for the rest of the season which ends on May 31. This is when the Ice Fall doctors take down the ladders.

Stay tuned as our team climbs. We will report again once they reach the balcony. Over and out.... Tim

New photos uploaded on FACEBOOK from Team # 1's successful summit. Andreas and George are both back home now and Marty is hanging with Tim at base camp monitoring communications.

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