Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rope fixed to the Balcony- Team at Camp 3

Balcony (8400 m, 27,600 ft)
Good work Sherpa fixing team!!!

Tomorrow the mission will be complete with ropes fixed to the summit. Marty suggests there are probably 80 or more people at Camp 3 tonight. The plan is for half of them to head up on the 18th and the other half on the 19th which we've taken as our main window but also allowing the 20th as a back up for those opting to layover at the South Col for the night. All the teams in this push have agreed to stagger their departure times from the South Col to the summit which should help with movement up there.

The weather is awesome right now, low to no wind and the best part being the temperatures remain cool making traveling quite pleasant, unlike the past couple of years where it was unbearable for some. It's shaping up good up there and the next beauty window like this one will open up again on the 24th if not sooner which would merge the two windows offering a fantastic season of opportunities for everyone.

Our third and last trek group of the season just pulled out today. They were so thrilled they made to camp and were able to sit in on radio transmissions of all the excitement that goes on here this time of year. Safe journey home my friends!

Over and out.. Tim
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