Friday, May 18, 2012


Everyone following Andreas's SPOT Tracker right now please now that all is good. The deal here is they have to be outside the their pack or clothing in order to transmit the signal. It's too cold for batteries at this stage of the climb so Tim had instructed him to put it inside his suit till he gets to the summit or just before and take it out again, exciting.... Becky

That's what it's all about... earlier today Roger Wright from Australia was forced to turn back. This is Roger's third Himalayan expedition with Peak Freaks. He hacked his way off Pumori in 2010 and again on Everest in 2011, he coughed so much in 2011 that he broke a rib. He has come back determined more than ever thinking how could a cough stop someone from climbing Everest and thought he could beat it. It's a pretty common scenario at these altitudes and unfortunately it has taken Roger out again. He was climbing to Camp 3 buckled over hacking so much that the cough beat him up taking all his energy. He made the right decision to turn back as he knew his limits and energy required to for the return. Later in the day BG hit the wall as well, same reason, also with us in 2012 but not the cough, this time he got it and it sounds like it beat him up and has taken his energy to levels not considered to be safe. These are not cold's, this is the Khumbu cough. It's been an issue this year with Everest being so dry. We wish both of them all the best on their next part of their journey, they are both real troopers. 
Photo: Roger Wright from Australia

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