Saturday, May 19, 2012

Safe and sounds at the South Col..

May 19: 21:00hrs (NP) Safe and sound and exhausted at the South Col

All of us are exhausted for that matter but not as tired as our first wave team is right now. Marty's call came in a bit late from the South Col because in order to reach the radio signal he had to walk about 100 feet or so from his tent and getting himself and the other members organized in their tents and hydrated was priority.

They are extremely tired as you can imagine, it was a long ascent with so many people and events on the route but the seven of them tucked in as one strong and focused unit, staying healthy and determined to get their moment on top and return safely without incident. The interesting part will be when they share their experience up there with the second wave team tomorrow at Camp 2.

What's next? Everyone at Peak Freaks getting some shut eye....... Over and out... Tim and Becky

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