Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SUMMIT PUSH- Day 2 of ?

Tim reports that our team had a good day at Camp 2, resting and visiting among the other teams who just arrived. He's impressed with how everyone is working together to space attempts and getting to know each other up there. He also said that the team is pleased that he planned they spend 3 nights minimum at Camp 2: Day 1 to climb - Day 2 to recover - Day 3 to get pumped. The next steps will be in the hands of our communal summit fixing team, so we wait and we watch. 

I'd like to suggest that you take a moment to check out the new video Nelson Dellis provided for the next chapter of the expedition, you will see that by this stage of the climb Tim is no longer the fun guy, this is where he reminds everyone in a harsh way about the risks and how to avoid them, he's not very nice as it's time to get serious, the party is over till each and everyone is back down at EBC then watch out. He's also made sure everyone made that phone call home before they made their final decision on the next steps. Looks like everyone got the green light and we sincerely thank each and everyone of you at home for trusting us with your loved ones. 
Crunchy is back and feeling good. The doctors were able to treat him and gave him the green light to get on with is climb. He will head out tomorrow to Camp 2. As mentioned previously all our climbers have a personal Sherpa climbing guide and in most cases this year they will have a 2:1 guide/member ratio plus our western Mountain Guides, there is a lot of flexibility for giving everyone their best shot in 2012. 
Onward and upward.... Becky Rippel

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SUMMIT PUSH VIDEO from last year provided by Nelson Dellis.

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  1. I love these hand held videos of the mountain. Much better than the big commercial movies...just my opinion