Sunday, May 6, 2012

Going through the motions to climb this mountain

While our team is in Pheriche fattening up and getting oxygenated, Tim and our guides are going through the motions to climb this mountain. Our members are well aware of the risks associated with mountaineering and ultimately will make their own decisions based on their personal risk tolerance. We will give it our best shot providing we can get our all camps and equipment and safety measures in place and that our Sherpa members are no less than completely comfortable with the new route that is currently being explored and that the weather and timing of everything lines up.

BG (far left), my favorite Swede checks in:

Hi Becky. Here's a picture from Himalayan lodge Pheriche. We have party's every night. Yesterday we went to
the local disco. There was not so many girls, so we had to dance with each other.
Take care. B-G.

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